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Thursday 11 August

A week in the life of a Malachi Family Support Worker

In his role Steven looks after up to 15 families. These are families who have found themselves, for whatever reason, to be adrift and unsure of how to make their family unit work. Steven's job is to take them on a journey that leads to stability.

Education / Society / Charity
Wednesday 10 August

Preventing Youth Offending

Preventing Youth Offending - Practice Example - Malachi. Community interest company provides three-part programme to schools to identify children with troubling behaviour and deliver targeted whole-family support Received funding to expand as part of a wider early intervention programme that aims to reduce youth offending through tackling cycles of family difficulties Analysis of the programme‚Äôs work in Birmingham has shown children that took part had lower stress levels and better relationships with parents  

Education / Parenting / Charity
Wednesday 03 August

Schools Out for Summer !

SCHOOLS OUT ! We hope you all have a lovely Summer break. Malachi will be still working with our families so if you need us please call 0121 441 4556. Our office hours still remain the same over the Summer period. 8.30am - 5pm.