Our Approach

Getting to the heart of the matter

Helping people to make positive change away from entrenched and potentially damaging patterns is difficult. Our experience has led us to develop and put into practice a Therapeutic Model that has worked for thousands of families.

The problems that hard to reach families find themselves facing are often symptoms of deeper-seated, generational issues. We explore and identify underlying causes rather than merely addressing the symptoms. This is the only way to bring about genuine, lasting change.

Without engagement nothing can change

Of course, theory alone is not enough. How we put it into practice is crucial. The team we have built at Malachi are fully trained and qualified in their field. But more than that, they are empathetic, resilient and resolutely optimistic. These are the qualities that engage a family and keep them motivated to change throughout their personal journey.

Measurable Results

We monitor and measure everything we do and the high quality of our results reflects the effectiveness of our approach.

Our unique reporting system, Insight, opens this monitoring process up to schools. Insight is a quality assurance system that ensures each intervention is handled correctly and stays on track. It shows our process and our results to schools at the touch of a button.

Bringing it all together

All the services we offer complement our central Therapeutic Model. Many of our families follow a journey which begins with a Malachi Drama Project, leads to the Malachi Parenting Programme, Inspiring Futures and then, if more intensive support is required, is followed up with Malachi Family Support. It is a holistic approach which we have found to be extremely effective in bringing about real and lasting change

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