Our History

The Malachi story

When Gordon Lee and his wife Lyn took their musical drama projects into schools for the first time back in 1991, they had no idea what they were starting. Their projects mixed performance with classwork providing an opportunity for children to talk about their worries and fears.

They believed that for some children, worries about home life lay behind their disruptive classroom behaviour. Gordon and Lyn, both from community work backgrounds, saw an overwhelming need to give advocacy and support to these children, giving them a voice. They saw the need to explore solutions that put long term welfare at the heart of any intervention. Malachi was born.

A model for engagement and change

Malachi pioneered an Early Intervention Model using family themed musical drama projects. Its success rested upon engagement with children and their families as opposed to the prevailing punishment or reward strategies focussing on behaviour. The class-based nature of the projects ensured that children weren’t stigmatised, thus providing Gordon and Lyn with the opportunity to establish working relationships that were built on trust. They went on to design a parenting project that enabled families to identify and overcome the underlying reasons that were leading them to the difficult situations they found themselves in.

Sadly, Lyn passed away in 2007, but Gordon carried on with the same commitment that they both had brought to their work in the intervening years. Combining his passion, with an enterprising mindset, Gordon steered Malachi through changing political and economic climates, developing his model and adapting his approach as necessary. Central to everything was his vision of a world where every child’s voice is heard.

Ready for the Future

Since those early days, Malachi has help thousands of families to turn their lives around and to make choices that give their children the best chance in life.

Recognising the growth of the organisation and to ensure its future, in 2009 Gordon took Malachi through the process of changing its operational delivery model from that of a Trust to a Community Interest Company. In so-doing he handed the reins over to the next generation who are just as committed to delivering the Malachi model to every child needing help and support. Malachi is now in a position to bring the vision closer to reality for families across the country.

Gordon was awarded an OBE for his services to children in 2014. Although he has recently stepped back from the day to day running of Malachi, he is the current Chair of the CIC and continues to advocate for change and improvement through the Trust.

The class-based projects Gordon and Lyn wrote together are still used by Malachi to great effect to this day.

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