Our Team

We are an established team that have big ideas and we work together to make them happen.

Whether it’s the front line professionals or those supporting them in the office, everyone gives it their all to get the very best outcomes for the families we help.

Malachi employs a highly specialised team with differing skills who work in schools, children’s centres and within the wider community, supporting children and their families who have, or are experiencing any kind of adversity. Our work is on behalf of the child and we mediate with parents, carers, teachers and other professionals to bring about positive change for that child, as a result we employ people who are passionate, engaging, reliable and have excellent communication skills.

Our family support team are all trained in counselling skills and will possess at least 2 years experience of working front line with children and their families. We have an eclectic team and so in addition to this we have varying areas of expertise within the team, such as domestic abuse, drug and alcohol support, working with children with additional needs, bereavement etc. We place a high value on internal peer support and group supervision at Malachi so knowledge and best practice is continually shared amongst the team.

We have fun too and there is a family atmosphere about Malachi, which is perhaps not surprise considering the caring nature of the people we employ. If you need to talk to us about anything at all, call us on 0121 441 4556 or email enquiry@malachi.org.uk and you can be sure the response will be friendly.

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