Our Values

What makes us tick?

Our values are at the very heart of our organisation. More than just words, they are the foundation upon which Malachi is built. They inform everything that we do, every day, and they are based around what we can give and who we are.

  • Optimistic – We believe that anything is possible and our mindset is wired toward positive outcomes
  • Courageous – We are not afraid of challenge and we step forward when others may step back
  • Steadfast – We are constant and reliable and strive for lasting results
  • Principled – We are open and honest with the families we help and with our funding partners.
  • Enterprising – We innovate and adapt to changing circumstances so that we are always ready for challenges and opportunities
  • Engaging – Bringing about lasting change means engaging properly, often with the most disengaged families. We engage where others have failed.

Our values apply whether we are working on a one to one basis with a family or running a major national project on behalf of the government. Whenever you meet one of our team, you will see our values in action.

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