Changing Lives

Stories From Our Families

We work every day with individual families to help parents and carers make the right choices for their children and themselves. Here are the real-life stories of some of those families.*

*Names and some minor details have been changed to protect our families’ privacy.


A family journey from chaos to order

When we met Theresa, she was single-handedly struggling to meet the competing needs of her 6 children, including Kelly, 18 who was pregnant. Theresa was suffering from ill-health which prevented her from working but she was failing to make her medical appointments.

Separated parents working together

The first signs of a problem are often when a child shows concerning behaviour at school or nursery. As children are generally powerless to change their own circumstances, we work with the wider family to address and resolve the underlying issues.

Changing the future through early intervention

Our full early intervention model starts with a whole class taking part in one of our Drama Projects. Out of this we identify children who may need help and we engage their parent. This will often lead to the parents taking part in 12 week Parenting Programme followed, if necessary, by one-to-one Therapeutic Intervention.

Supervision success at a Birmingham school

Working with children who are experiencing problems arising from a disruptive home life can be draining and emotional. One Birmingham school acknowledged this and decided to take advantage of our Clinical Supervision programme for front-line staff.

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