Malachi Drama Projects

A unique approach to early intervention

What are the Malachi Drama Projects?

Our projects are lively and joyous affairs involving the whole class and giving children an opportunity to express their creativity. A series of 6 musicals covering topics such as peer pressure, bullying, relationships and citizenship, they bring out the very best in all children.

Beneath the greasepaint and beyond the songs, they allow us to identify children who may need our help before the problems they are experiencing lead to more serious outcomes.

How will they help my school?

Bringing an Early Intervention Project into your school enables you to:

  • Foster a spirit of cooperation and achievement in class
  • Identify and address individual issues
  • Stage a big-scale production without all the hard work that goes with it
  • Bring previously disengaged parents into the school
  • Support your National Curriculum obligations for PHSE and Music

What’s involved?

We work with a year group over the course of a term to cast, rehearse, produce and stage a spectacular show. When the children perform the show at the end of term there is not a dry eye in the house and many parents will be seeing their children in a new light.

Our weekly hour long sessions include circle time, when we discuss the issues raised in the musical. Studies, and our own experience, tell us that children will normalise their family situation, however challenging it is. The projects give them a safe space to explore their feelings, begin to understand how their family circumstances are affecting them and begin to look at coping strategies.

When can we start?

Give us a call on 0121 441 4556 or email us on We will arrange a convenient time to come and explain what’s involved and answer all your questions.

Our early intervention Drama Projects are unique and highly effective. However, they are only the start of a process and follow up with Therapeutic Family Support or the Inspiring Futures Parent Programme is a crucial next step.

Do you have something in mind?

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