Malachi Staff Care

Caring for those who care

What is Malachi Staff Care?

When you are in a challenging environment you need to look after yourself to ensure that you can look after the children who need you. Here at Malachi we understand only too well the stress of work related issues for front line staff. That’s why all our staff have monthly one-to-one sessions with a qualified counsellor to explore and consider their responses to the situations they face.

The technical term for this support is Clinical Supervision and we now offer it to schools and children’s centres. It means your frontline staff have a pressure release valve which ensures that they continue to thrive in their work.

How will it help my school?

  • Reduce staff absenteeism and long-term sickness
  • Improve staff effectiveness and morale
  • Fulfil your duty of care obligations – in a way that truly makes a difference
  • Provide a safe, non-judgemental space for staff to find release from stress

Malachi Staff Care is a monthly appointment rather than a safety net or emergency hotline. It prevents the build-up of anxiety and stress that can lead to a crisis.

What’s involved?

It’s a one-to-one monthly meeting with a trained counsellor for teachers and other frontline staff. Conversations are strictly confidential and it is designed to help clients to understand and manage their reactions to stressful situations. The regularity of the meetings keeps stress levels manageable and removes the perceived stigma of seeking help.

When can we start?

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