Malachi Summer School

Smoothing the transition to secondary school

What is Malachi Summer School?

Starting secondary school is daunting. The Malachi Summer School, called LEAP, which we run with in Partnership with Aspire Sports, is a transition programme that helps Year 6 children to make the leap with confidence.

As a secondary school, it enables you to open your school to the new starters and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Children come into school to enjoy 2 weeks of activities during the summer holidays prior to starting in September. This makes them feel positive and energised about the forthcoming move to “big school”.

How will it help my school?

  • Some of your potentially least engaged pupils start school with enthusiasm
  • Students settle in quickly, ready to learn
  • Students are helped with weaker areas of learning
  • Important social skills and moral lessons are taught
  • We do all the hard work - including canvassing participants and encouraging attendance

Great news: LEAP Summer School can be fully funded through the school transition grant, part of the Government’s “Raising the achievement of disadvantaged children” policy.

What’s involved?

With our partner provider, Aspire, we run the LEAP programme for 1 or 2 weeks in the summer holidays at your secondary school. Once we have agreed your programme, you can either step back and let us deliver it or be as involved as you wish to be.

Your LEAP programme is tailored from a huge range of activities to appeal to as many students as possible, including

  • Active Leaders – a unique leadership programme
  • Interactive Workshops – cyber bullying, self-esteem and peer relationships
  • Maths Through Sport – a fun way to boost confidence and academic achievement
  • Multi-sports – promoting teamwork and self confidence
  • Dance workshops, Cooking classes, DJ workshops and much more

The aim is to help students BELIEVE in themselves, ACHIEVE new skills and SUCCEED in the transition from primary to secondary school.

When can we start?

Call us today on 0121 441 4556 or email to start planning for your next Year 7 starters.

Do you have something in mind?

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