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We are confidential, non-judgemental and we work to create lasting change for you and your family.

Malachi can work with your family in many different ways. We offer one to one family support work with yourself and your young people, we run the inspiring futures parenting programme for parents/carers like yourself and we offer in school workshops to help young people with issues that are important to them.

Family Support

With Malachi family support, you and your family will have access to one to one sessions with a qualified professional, giving you space and time to reflect and work towards your goals. We work practically and therapeutically to give you advice, but also give you to power to change your life. We offer young people the space to reflect on their feelings and behaviour, finding the root cause to build greater resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Classroom Workshops

Malachi often visit schools to deliver fun, informative and engaging classroom based workshops to young people. In these sessions, we offer young people a chance to discuss issues that are relevant to them, and work together to model strategies to keep themselves safe, secure and happy. We work with school groups to tackle bullying, build positive relationships and spot the signs of negative ones, promote good emotional health and wellbeing and smooth the transition from primary to secondary school. 

Inspiring Futures

Inspiring Futures is a programme which aims to improve young people’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour by supporting parents and carers. The 12 week programme explores attachment styles, communication, relationship dynamics and much more. We create lasting change for families.