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Malachi are committed to creating lasting change with families in your school through mid to long-term therapeutic interventions. We also care for professionals. Through our bespoke staff well-being sessions, we offer clinical supervision to those who need it most.

Through our training packages, we empower you to make a change in your environment by giving you the knowledge, confidence and tools to succeed. 

Family Support

Malachi Family Support is an intensive programme of practical support and one-to-one therapy. It’s tailored to the needs of the individual family and based on our proven therapeutic intervention model. We create a safe, non-judgemental space for parents to explore and understand their situation, build resilience and promote greater emotional wellbeing. 

Our mid to long term interventions work to resolve the issues that create barriers to learning, therefore improving attendance and reducing classroom disruption.

Staff Well-being

  • Reduces staff absenteeism and long-term sickness
  • Improves staff effectiveness and morale
  • Fulfils your duty of care obligations - in a way that truly makes a difference
  • Provides a safe, non-judgemental space for staff to find release from stress

Malachi staff well-being offers one to one, confidential sessions for all professionals. We provide your team with a safe non-judgemental space for staff to find release from stressand anxiety.

Stress affects us all and the issues you hear about in the staff room impact upon the whole school.

We operate a drop in system, supporting for as long or as little time as your staff require. To build on staff wellbeing we also provide dedicated clinical supervision for your DSLs.

Staff Training

Malachi’s training courses help to bring issues to life, to raise awareness, equip professionals with new ideas and techniques to use in their work. Delivered by experienced practitioners, these courses will help to support frontline staff. We offer knowledge, build confidence and provide tools for professionals to support young people.

We offer training in; Resilience in Children, Resilience in Staff, The Toxic Trio, Reflective Practice, Emotional Wellbeing, Bereavement Awareness and more. See our training tab for more information.

Classroom Workshops

Our workshops enables young people explore and understand situations they may face in their school life, such as bullying and conflicts, and helps them find strategies to deal with them positively.

Armed with resources, our workshop facilitators can support your PSHE curriculum obligations with sessions that are delivered in an age appropriate way to build healthy relationships, deal with issues of bullying, learn about mental health and strategies to look after themselves and effectively transition to secondary school.

We will leave you with these resources to continue this work and check back in with your students. 

Inspiring Futures Parenting Programme

The Inspiring Futures course brings together parents and carers from your school to learn and support each other through the challenges of being a parent. Our facilitators work therapeutically to help you understand children’s behaviour and emotional wellbeing. The 12 week programme will teach you about bonding, attachment, communication, relationship routines and much more. 

Time to Change

After delivering short term interventions for high school students under commission in Staffordshire for over four years, we are delighted to offer this support to all schools. Time to Change is a six week, one to one support service for young people. By creating a safe space for them to express themselves and promoting good emotional health, Malachi deliver a solution focused intervention to begin the process of change. 

Using the Government backed Outcomes Star™ reporting tool, we will create a post intervention support plan allowing you to understand your students and effectively manage their needs. This intervention forms the next tier of your pastoral approach, when you've done everything you can, where do you go? Turn to Malachi.