About Us

We help families SEE a better future, BELIEVE it's attainable, and CHOOSE to make it happen.

The results are transformational and lasting. The benefits are felt by families, schools, local communities and society as a whole. And at the heart of it, a child’s voice is heard.

A Child's Voice Is Heard

We work with schools, councils and agencies to identify and support families who are facing difficulties. In schools, we offer a range of services including parenting classes and one-to-one therapeutic intervention. We also undertake larger government or social investor funded projects.

The Malachi Promise

We promise children and their families that we will empower them to achieve positive and lasting change in their lives. We promise to be reliable, consistent and honest in our dealings with them.

We promise to support schools and other organisations in helping the most difficult to reach families. We promise to be professional and transparent and to deliver measurable results.

Whilst Malachi was founded on Christian principles, these days we are a non-denominational Community Interest Company. We don’t preach to those we help and our help is available to families of any faith or no faith.

What we believe in, is the ability of every single family we work with to overcome the obstacles they face so that they can create better lives for their children.

Call us on 0121 441 4556 or email enquiry@malachi.org.uk to find out more about how we can help your school or organisation.

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