Mission Statement

Empowering families to support children to feel successful, happy, and fulfilled, using evidence-based interventions.

Our Values

Our values are at the very heart of our organisation. More than just words, they are the foundation upon which Malachi is built. They inform everything that we do, every day, and they are based around what we can give and who we are…


Passion and belief, wanting something to happen and putting all the effort required in to making it happen

Being what we aspire to be

Setting goals and objectives and then taking the actions (steps) daily towards achieving them never stopping until we get to where we wanted to be


Willing to take a risk to achieve

Stepping up to the plate and willing to make difficult choices

Taking action for the greater good

Being entrepreneurial

Willing to share how we feel with others

Taking action to do something because we know it is the right thing to do


Respecting people for what they are, not for what they are not

Celebrating the good as against focusing on failings

Giving time to others, listening to their opinion, considering their approach, and not dismiss it without seriously trying to see it from their point of view

Wanting the best for others

Wanting to empower those around to achieve the best they can

Respecting your self


Owning our part in the bigger picture

Using thoughtful decision-making processes

Responsible for making sure we have the tools to do our job

Being responsible for achieving the right outcomes from each task we do, understanding the challenges, acquiring the tools for meeting them and ensuring that we achieve the required outcome for those we serve

Making a difference

Understanding why we do what we do helps focus our actions towards making a difference

Understand what we have to offer, valuing it and applying it

Contributing any small amount towards making a difference is always better than doing nothing

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