Family Support and Outreach Services

Malachi Family Support Workers will work predominantly with adults in the household to provide support for children and young people from the ages 0–19 years (up to 25 years for those with special educational needs and disabilities). Our aim of the service is to offer a range of therapeutic and practical support to families who are facing a range of challenges.

How can we help?

We offer a range of therapeutic and practical support to families who are facing a range of challenges…

Parenting skills and strategies

Building healthy relationships

Emotional wellbeing

Staying safe in the community

Building confidence and self-esteem

Child development (inc. early years)

Building positive relationships between home and school

Housing and financial issues

Returning to employment or education

Developing positive community relationships

Access to local services and facilities

Building healthy relationships

Access to local services and facilities

Support options

We offer two support options and your allocated Malachi support worker will discuss the best option with you.

Referral Based Family Support

We will complete an Early Help Assessment (EHA) with the family. We will identify specific support needs and with the family, work collaboratively to resolve those needs by accessing specific support, building skills and empowering the family to increase their resilience. We will also engage with relevant professionals that surround the family to complete a Team Around the Family (TAF meeting).

Family Access Service (FAS)

Offers practical ‘hands-on’ support to families. This enables families who are not quite at the threshold for Family Support to engage with us at the earliest possible opportunity of early help. Within this we may be able to offer parenting groups to those who would not usually access group offers and to engage with appropriate local offers on a regular basis. We may also actively signpost families to local provision to meet their needs.

How can I refer?

We welcome self-referrals or referrals from GPs, Nurseries, Childminders, Schools, Paediatricians, Midwives and Health Visitors – in fact anyone can refer a family to the service.

All you need is consent of the family, contact details and information about their challenges that would help us assess the level of need and establish if we are the right service for them.

We welcome referrals from anyone!

What will happen next?

We will look at the information on the referral form and contact the referrer and Family to gather more information and to ensure the correct consent has been gained and we have the right information to ensure that this is the right support service for the family. They will then be contacted to arrange a first visit OR signposted to a more appropriate service to meet the Family’s needs.

If the family is on our waiting list for support, the family will receive a dedicated ‘checking-in’ contact at regular intervals until they are allocated a Malachi Family Support Worker.

Complete the referral form and send it to

Make a referral

Click here to download the referral form

Understood our situation...

Malachi’s family support worker understood our situation, made us feel less isolated and listened to.


Helped us move forward...

[Malachi’s] team have been nothing but professional, solution-focused, impartial and child-centred at all times. The support has really helped us move forward as a school.


Better and brighter...

Very happy with all the support I’ve received, it has genuinely helped to make my outlook a lot better and brighter.


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